Concerts and events are great. You get hyped up, dressed up, and ready to make a night of it, but sometimes the actual hustle and bustle of the crowd, the slightly too far away seats, and the line for refreshments take some of the delights out of the whole experience. Now, at a reputable venue, you’ll still probably have a good time because, in the end, you saw your favorite band or show, and while you might not have snagged that center seat with a head-on view, the right venue still has decent acoustics and a full view of the stage from any angle, but you leave wondering if the night could have been a little bit better. What could have made the night better? It boils down to three things- customization, memorability, and comfort.

Guarantee the best seats by purchasing tickets during the pre-sale

Ticket presales usually happen a day to a week before tickets go on sale to the public. Not only does this guarantee you the best selection of seats, but it also prevents that worst-of-the-worst scenario where tickets to that show you’ve been dying to see sells out before you get a chance to purchase. 

Presale access is a great customizable feature, but some venues offer memberships instead of just general vs. VIP tickets. These memberships often have different levels. This is the case for The Classic Center Cultural Foundation’s Center Stage Society and 501 Club. The memberships are customized not only in the sense that the two tracks were designed to cater to different interests (Center Stage Society for traditional Broadway enthusiasts and the 501 Club for those interested in concerts, comedians, and other types of entertainment) but each track also has various membership levels, so that no matter a patron’s budget or interest level, there’s no shortage for ways to get involved.

Always buy from the venue's website

Not only will this provide you with the best price possible and highlight all VIP offers available, but it will also take the stress out of the event experience.  When it comes to purchasing memberships, VIP tickets, or event tickets, it’s important to remember that the best way to avoid getting scammed is to go straight to the source. 

Research the venue perks

Why just attend a concert when you could also meet the band? Or, instead of just watching a Broadway show from the audience, why not sit in on a pre-show educational session with a Theatre Historian so that you don’t miss any significant tidbits, historical references, or hidden gems while you’re watching it? Benefits like these make attending an event a one-of-a-kind experience.

You may be surprised to know many venues offer VIP pre- and post-event receptions for their loyal ticketholders. Have you ever been to an event where the lines to refresh your drink at the intermission were so long that you missed part of the second half? Any VIP ticket or membership experience worth it should make your comfort a priority. Do they offer food apart from concessions or any private VIP areas? If so, the odds are that springing for that VIP experience will be well worth it.

At The Classic Center, 501 Club members have access to a private bar, so no more pesky lines or risk of missing part of the show. The Center Stage Society offers catered member receptions that most membership levels include or offers tickets for a steal. 

Member receptions include a private bar, drink tickets, and pre-show entertainment!

Don't game with your time, pre-order parking 

Every venue has seen this at some point, and many “Swifites” experienced this recently. Sold-out parking decks are a real panic when you’re trying to get to a show. Always pre-order parking for a guaranteed spot. You never know which shows will completely sell out a parking deck. Most venues offer parking when you purchase your tickets. Many times, VIP ticketholders get special parking access with their pre-order parking with their purchase. Talk with your venue representative to find out which perks you get with your VIP access. 

Many Cultural Foundation memberships come with parking pass perks!  Membership levels as low as $500 include parking passes valid during all Cultural Foundation events. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of finding a good spot when you join The Classic Center Cultural Foundation today.

Don't wait in line. Mobile order your snacks and drinks from the comfort of your seat

Do you hate standing in long lines just to get food or beverages, just to end up missing part of the show? Yeah, we do too! Many venues have gone to mobile ordering for their concessions. Research the venue that you are visiting, or be sure to read the Know Before You Go that The Classic Center sends out with instructions on how to access mobile ordering. Many venues that have VIP access also offer private concessions and bars for members to order from, as well. This will help you avoid long lines, let you get your food and beverages quicker, and will give you time to fully enjoy the show. 

So, are VIP tickets or membership packages worth it? Absolutely! They are a great way to make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of an experience. Learn more about Center Stage Society and 501 Club memberships. Beyond all the benefits talked about above, The Classic Center Cultural Foundation’s membership tracks come with tickets to other events like Athens Wine Weekend and Athens Beer Fest, access to member trips to places like New York or Europe, and more, depending on your level. Not only does your membership guarantee you’re elevating your event experience, but you can feel good about doing it because memberships support the local arts in a beautiful and influential way. So, you can support Athens, the arts, workforce development, local students, and more, all the while being treated like the VIP you are. You can check out the full scope of the work you’d be supporting on The Classic Center Cultural Foundation’s page.