Internship Information & Application

Internships, apprenticeships and other student learning opportunities are a regular part of The Classic Center's vision for the venue and its place in the community. Intern positions, whether paid or unpaid, are limited and competitive. 

  1. Sales Department
  2. HR & Accounting Department
  3. Sports Marketing
  4. Marketing Department
  5. Theatre Department

Venue Sales Internship

Venue Sales Internship available for: Fall 2017, Spring & Summer 2018

  • This intern position is a non-paid position.
  • In general, the hours will be set around the intern's schedule and will include 10-15 hours per week in the office.
  • Responsibilities include: assist the sales department throughout the sales process, creating proposals, drafting contracts, researching leads, assist with the execution of internal events, follow during site visits and complete special projects.
Those who are interested in the Venue Sales Internship are encouraged to submit a completed intern application form.