"I had a baby shower [at The Classic Center] for my son and it was amazing. The staff catered to me and my family with everything that we needed. The customer service was wonderful and the event staff was very friendly and took good care of us. I appreciate the wonderful service and I will definitely book another event there. Thanks so much."
Felicia L.

"Fantastic show and your venue was excellent! Great job and sound. I think you showed folks that your venue is perfect for more shows to come. Congratulations!"

Jess W.
Alabama Shakes at Akins Arena

"I thought the show was amazing! I am impressed at how The Classic Center was very organized and clearly marked! I really hope that more shows will come to this area! It was a huge success."
Gina H.
Alabama Shakes at Akins Arena

"Tonight was the best night of my life. Got the chance to see my favorite band in the world."
Christopher M.
Alabama Shakes at Akins Arena

"Loved it. Had an awesome time and hope to see more shows here."
Gloria L.
Alabama Shakes at Akins Arena