Classic Galleries Virtual Tour

The Classic Center Cultural Foundation’s mission is rooted in supporting local art in our community. The Foundation is honored to host two rotating art galleries as a way of bringing this mission to life and to the public. We invite you to virtually tour these galleries (via the menu to the left or the links below), which are a reflection of the incredible talent of local artists in Athens. You can support our local art community by adding a unique piece from these collections to your home. You may currently enjoy “Inside/Outside” in Classic Gallery I and Classic Gallery II; the pieces in each of these exhibits are available for acquisition. For more information, please contact Co-Curators Didi Dunphy and Jaime Bull at While normally displayed on The Classic Center walls, these works of art are being brought to you virtually so that you can explore the galleries while continuing to practice social distancing. Enjoy your tour!

Tour Classic Gallery I: Inside/Outside here.

Tour Classic Gallery II: Inside/Outside here.