The Classic Center Supper Club

The Classic Center Supper Club - giving home cooked a whole new meaning
Why not do dinner differently this month?

Life is crazy, so give yourself a break and sign up for delicious, 3-course meals ready for pick up once a week. With an appetizer, choice between two entrées, and dessert, you can satisfy any craving. Sign up for once a week, twice a month, or a single meal - pick the option that's perfect for you!

Step 1) Sign up for your preferred plan using the link below.

Step 2) Pick your meal options by the Sunday before.

Step 3) Stop by The Classic Center for contactless pick-up 
Thursdays between 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. 

Step 4) Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation while your already 
prepped and cooked meal gets toasty in the oven!

Check out our August menus here, and sign up for your subscription here.

Supper Club August 20th menu
August Subscription Options:

One-Week Commitment

Two-Week Commitment

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