The Classic Center Arena
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The Classic Center Arena was a part of the 2020 SPLOST vote and construction for the new arena began in January 2022. This facility will have the capacity to hold 8,500 people and has the ability to transform for any occasion from concerts and sports tournaments to banquets and general sessions.  The Classic Center Arena is expected to open in early 2024 and will be a place that both residents and guests of the city can enjoy.

  1. Capacities
Arena Specs, Capacities, and Amenities
  • 5,500 permanent seats 
  • 7,000 for end-stage concert
  • 8,500 in the round
  • 3 basketball courts
  • 4 volleyball courts
  • 150 trade show booths
  • 2,000 banquet attendees
  • 7 trailer load-in docks
  • ice hockey floor
  • 150 ' x 358 ' arena floor 
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Construction Updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Input

Thornton Brothers

Clay Gilbert
Thorton Brothers

"The Classic Center complex, along with their programming, is wonderful for all of Athens not just financially but culturally as well!  Thornton Brothers will continue to support The Center with our money, attendance, and participation." 

David Barbe, UGA Music Business

David Barbe
Director, UGA Music Business Program

"I support The Classic Center Arena.  As a long-time citizen, I feel that each expansion of The Classic Center has brought more large events to Athens, helping both downtown businesses and the labor force that staffs these events.  This arena will expand the scope of possible programming for Athens, including larger scale concerts that are not currently possible in Athens.  In addition to continuing to help the sectors of the local economy that The Classic Center already enhances, this could be a boom for our local concert promoters and production crews, as well as providing opportunities for UGA Music Business students to work alongside professionals at major concert events." 

Christy Terrell, Georgia Power

Christy Terrell
Georgia Power

"The Classic Center is a large economic engine in our community for tourism.  The tourism business generates taxes, and jobs for Athens-Clarke County, and revenues for our local commercial businesses.  With the growth of tourism in the community, Georgia Power sees a direct benefit in power sales."