Daily and Event Parking

at The Classic Center

Downtown Athens, GA

The Classic Center offers daily and event parking on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our secure parking deck offers hourly parking and up to 24-hour parking.

  • There are handicapped spaces conveniently located on every level of the parking deck.
  • Entry points to The Classic Center facility are located on levels two and five of the parking deck.

Daily Parking Rates:

First 30 minutes- complimentary

Each additional hour- $2/hr
Max (24 hours, includes overnight)- $12
Attending an Entertainment Event-$12 - $15
Presold, guaranteed event parking- $30
Lost Ticket- $15

Credit cards only- No cash options

Payment Options

Ticket in and Credit Card out

  1. Take a ticket at the entry gate
  2. Insert a ticket at the exit gate
  3. Insert credit card to pay

*Note: Ticket Required

Credit Card in and Credit Card out

  1. Insert credit card at the entry gate
  2. Insert SAME credit card at the exit gate

*Note: No ticket is required

*Some events pre-purchase parking for their attendees. Please check with your event planner.

Helpful Parking Forms & Links:

For additional assistance regarding parking at The Classic Center

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