Residential Parking

at The Classic Center

Downtown Athens, GA

The Classic Center has residential parking agreements with the following entities:
If you are a resident of one of the below, please request parking directly through your apartment's management team.

Deupree Lofts
Farmer's Exchange
Sigma Chi

Residential Parking

  • Residential parkers are able to access The Classic Center Parking Deck through the Foundry Street and Broad Street entrances. You will not have access to the N Thomas Street entrance. 
  • There is a $40 replacement fee for losing a parking card or decal. Losing one means both must be replaced.
  • Football Parking will be included in parking packages for tenants with the football parking add-on. Those who choose not to upgrade to football parking must remove their car from the deck by 9:00 p.m. the Friday before a UGA home game. To purchase the football parking add-on contact
  •  Please park on levels 1 - 3. Parking on levels 4 and 5 is prohibited. Violations may result in fines or termination of parking pass. 
  • Sharing parking card and decal is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your parking agreement. 

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